Can I be a model in Minnesota?

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Some may question the path to a healthy and fruitful career in the industry of Modeling, but if you’re even for a second in doubt just take a look below how many times this hour (live updates) to how many times the interest of the keyword “Model” with the subcategory of “Person” has been searched on google.

You are highly likely to encounter the comment, “That to be a model you need to be beautiful, tall and slender with perfect proportions.”  This information given to most people in pursuit to be a high fashion models is defiantly correct, where designers want a single type of model that they feel complements their designs in the best light.

In spite of the above information, if you do not conform this Image, do not worry or fret because there’s multiple areas in this industry you can progress in successfully and lucratively as a model. The modeling industry requires varies shapes, sizes, types and ethnic backgrounds. It ranges from the type of models who are the canvas for runways like the ones seen in Paris, France and Milan to the models seen in the background of TV commercials, Movies, Music videos and more. You’re going to need to find the right fit for you and your place in the industry. Below we have compiled the different types of modeling work that’s available and the “criteria” for each, and as we know with most things there’s always exceptions to the rules.

You’ve got to love this business. You have to be able to take rejection.”
Jessica Biel

Influencer Models (Social media)

Big brands are noticing the potential  in people that have huge media followings on social platforms; Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Snap chat, Much more. Usually these are people who have an unique style, maybe it is because they are tattooed, beautiful, pierced, sexy, or busty, and the trend is that these people at least have profile on Instagram; coining the phrase famous as “Instagram models”. Although from a brands view these models are branded “Influencer Models” because the influence that they have on the public when they post to social media. Brands and labels will commonly recruit one of these influencers and offer a mutual collaboration, where the intended model will publish an endorsement of the brand’s product or services, and in return the model receives financial compensation or in kind products from the brand they are representing .When a Influencer Model can gain the attention of high numbers of likes, loves, favorites and clicks on the brands website or retail portal, the influencer can levy a higher compensation rate for amounts produced. This is a amazing and relatively new side of the modeling industry makes modeling more accessible to everyone.

Editorial Print

This is modeling type is for editorials and covers such as Vogue, Elle, and similar magazines. The usual requirements for these individuals are similar to those in High Fashion and you must be very photogenic. Very often the same models will develop work and relationships in both Editorial Print and High Fashion. Editorials will provide great exposure for models although the compensation earned are sometimes low. This is extremely normal and it can take a few years to gain the experience and connections needed to acquire  the higher commissioning projects.

Commercial Print

A Large market that includes every and any kind of print advertising. This can be advertising on billboards to in magazines or products on Box store shelves. The joys of making a career in Commercial Print as a model is that the exposure to an audience of the advertisers range considerably. commonly the brands and labels want to obtain and represent the consumer that will purchase their products. There’s high amount opportunities in this subcategory if you are not into the High Fashion type.

Plus Size Modeling

Modeling for the larger body types(Mesomorph & Endomorph), this subcategory of the industry is on the rise and a relatively new and much needed development. If you’re confident, the sizes of 12-16 US, with great attributes then this could be for you. Many and honestly more than ever advertisers are using Plus size models for exposure of their products in a way to appeal to a wider demographic of people in all regions.If you are a Plus Size model you will still need to have clear skin, nice teeth and hair and have that unique or special about you. For High Fashion Plus Sized Models the height requirements still the minimum of 5”8.

Catalog Modeling

Companies create print or online catalogs to sell their clothing lines, trends or varying products, and it will be the catalog model’s obligation to make them look amazing and attractive to the audience intended. In catalog modeling you will find many opportunities for subgroups of model types, as the model is picked to represent the audience that different companies wish to target. This is very lucrative for many models.

High Fashion

You will see the very tall and lean models that flow on the runways and editorials for the industry leading fashion houses and designers, these are individuals in are the high fashion model sub category. They are on average required to be between 5”8 to 5”11, with a dress size of 4-6 US, with a typical bust size of 34. The ages will likely range from 14 to 25. For Men the age range is varies more, they can begin from 16 going into their late 40’s. Sizes are likely between 5”11 to 6” with excellent physical features and a chest size of 37”-42” & 30”-32” waist. Men usually have longer careers if they take care of these metrics and physical prowess.

Glamour Modeling

Is modeling that emphasizes a models sexuality. Glamour modeling can range from lingerie and swimwear shoots, to artistic and nude photography to men’s magazines. You will need to be beautiful, sexy and confident, with an extremely outgoing personality. Height restrictions tend not to apply, which is the great attraction to many models.If you are considering this area of modeling, take care as there are many dishonest people that take advantage of young models who are eager to get into modeling. If you are interested in Glamour Modeling it’s advisable to have a reputable agency looking out for your best interests.

Real Life Models (People Models) and TV/Film Extras

Modeling in TV commercials does not have any criteria for height, age and size, each commercial needs someone different and very specific to that job. It’s often necessary to have some acting ability and experience, but this can be a natural ability or taught. There are a wide range of types of TV commercials, varying from the highly stylized photographic or to performance led reality types.The advantage in TV commercials for any model is that brands are constantly seeking new models, which the general public can easily see themselves as. This opens a career to almost anyone, who feels that they can demonstrate what it takes to survive in this category. Typically those who are represented or managed by a model or actors agency will have a better chance of appearing in TV commercials. If you like the idea of modeling, but do not fit into the other categories in the breakdown, then this could be a real break for you. Real life and people models are used in corporate campaigns, companies are looking to represent the everyday person in every project when targeting their audience. As a TV/Film Extra you will generally be in no speaking parts and in the background of a scene or photo.The benefits are that if you are flexible with your days, it can be a good way to supplement your income.

Body Parts Models

An area not usually thought about for people breaking into the industry, but Body parts modeling it is a very relevant in this industry. Some of the most common body parts tend to be hair, eyes, lips, hands, legs and feet, which are used to promote many products in targeted ads in print, TV and social media.You must have exceptionally well balanced body parts and know how to keep them looking nice. This is definitely an area within modeling that can prove to be profitable and sustainable past the normal age range of modeling.

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Minnesota Local and Global War Against Terror era Army vet, James "Manny" Morris Developed the concept of an artistic entrepreneur network in the heart of Minnesota's hottest district for art and community collaboration. Teaches small business concept and provides consulting to fellow Minnesotans in the Arts industry and associated trades. Loves Music, Art, Fashion, and most importantly his family. Not know for being a foodie but also loves the Twin Cities' diverse cuisine that accommodates a wide range of ethnic foods from the BBQ of Texas to the Pho Bowls of Asian tastes.

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